Metals, Alloys, etc.

  • Anldonite – The metal of the God of Death
  • Blackiron – Not very useful, except for refining into Blacksteel
  • Blacksteel – Hard, dense metal, that apparently negates magic.
  • Caelite – The metal of the gods.
  • Citrin – Combined with iron, it slowly liquifies the iron, hardening it in the process, akin to making steel.
  • Electrum – Alloy of Silver and Gold
  • Mecentle – Alloy of Zendrite and Gold. Good medium for storing mana.
  • Molver – Alloy of Zendrite and Silver. Very potent as a focus for magic.
  • Orichalcum – Looks like golden Copper.
  • Pewter – Fools silver? Alloy of Lead and Silver.
  • Taronium – Can be refined into Tarosteel
  • Tarosteel – One of the hardest and most durable metals available in Niliendathil.
  • Zendrarcanum – Alloy of Zendron and Blackiron. Extremely hard to make. If alloyed correctly, it has an anti-magic aura.
  • Zendron – Moonsilver
  • Zendrite – Almost like Moonsilver?

Iron & Steel

  • Cast Iron – Very hard and malleable, but very brittle.
  • Crucible Steel – The highest quality steel available.
  • Imperial Steel – Most common type of steel. Standard quality for weapons and armour.
  • Dascarusan Steel – High quality steel prized for its hardness and toughness. The steel that’s made when combining Citrin and iron deep underwater.
  • Thau Steel – High grade steel that is somehow quite resistant to corrosion.
  • Wrought Iron – Ordinary iron for tools and weapons.

Bronze & Brass


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