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The campaign starts out in Palantir, one of the Northernmost countries in Niliendathil.

The locals speak mostly Palantic and High Palantic. The latter is in common use amongst the nobility, while common Palantic is more widespread in daily use amongst the common folk. We use the Imperial Calendar – currently, we’re in the year 33 FE.

The local currency:

Official Name Common Name Notation Coins/lb Conversion
Standard Issue Silver Coin Silver s 200 1s = 8* (shillings)
Standard Issue Gold Coin Gold g 200 1g = 15s
Standard Issue Value Mark Mark m 50 1m = 25g = 375s
Standard Issue Trade Coin Trade Coin T 14 1T = 4m = 100g
Imperial/Common Shilling Shilling * 250 1* = 1 G$
Imperial/Common Pawn Pawn p 35 1p = 500*
Imperial/Common Zeal Zeal Z 35 1Z = 2p = 125s

The Imperial currency is in widespread use in the North, notably in Laranthia, Kulthist, Mistilia and Sedonia.

Main Page

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