Imperial Calendar

The Imperial Calendar was established millenia ago, to reflect the Izan clan’s current state.


History has been separated into eras:

  • Dark – Marked the creation of elves. Ends in year 10513 DE.
  • Light – Marked the beginning of the second Dragon Wars, where elves defeated the dragons. Ends in the year 5141 LE.
  • Winter – Marks the founding of the Izan. Ends in the year 1247 WE.
  • Spring – Marks the transition from a single clan to an actual tribe, or nation. The era ends with the construction of The Izan Fortress, which was completed in 3411 SE.
  • Summer – Marks the “Golden Age” of the Izan Empire. They grow and expand rapidly. It ends very abruptly in 5197 SuE with the fall of the fortress.
  • Fall – The empire has been broken, and the Izan is in its autumn. Currently, the year is 33 FE.


The 12 months of the year are equally long, exactly 30 days. Their names:

  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Rebirth
  • Sun
  • Journey
  • Presummer
  • Summer
  • Postsummer
  • Nearharvest
  • Harvest
  • Field
  • Wind

There are no weeks in the Imperial Calendar, but some nations using the calendar have implemented their own system for weeks and names of weekdays.

Imperial Calendar

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