Divine Chaos

Travel to the Izan Fortress, Pt. 2
Goblins & Cannibals

Altea, Michael, Ganvel, Thilianna.

They leave the inn early. Jessica cleaned the dress as promised, and also put a bundle of newly baked cake in the carriage. Altea cannot find her wine, and gets told off by Michael for wanting it. She takes great offense in this.

During the days ride, a troll is spotted hiding behind a tree. It runs off when the group has passed. Late in the afternoon, they see a crippled pitch goblin named Roskan crying for help, lying next to the road. His two traveling companions have been taken by a band of white humans, who intend to eat them. Roskan gets healed and patched, and after some discussion, they bring him along to hunt down the white humans and save his companions.

After some hours off road, they make camp. Michael uses the orb to locate Roskan’s companions (Boraios & Saraios), and learns that they are not far. Ganvel and Altea rides out to their camp, and slay most of the 20 white humans present, and returns with Boraios and Saraios, both still alive.
In the meantime, Michael and Thiliana are asking Roskan about himself.

Travel to the Izan Fortress, Pt. 1

Ganvel, Altea, Michael, Thilianna.

They gather their belongings, stock up for the journey, and set out. Ganvel is riding in front, followed by the wagon, with the ladies inside.

They spot some less significant things on the way (a grey stone building in the forest, and a trained hunting falcon), but don’t stop. They do stop when they stumble upon some scattered corpses a few metres from the road. They examine them, and Thilianna performs a funeral blessing. It looks like a robbery by competent adversaries.

By nightfall, they reach the inn The Golden Elf Hand, run by Jessica, a dark elf. Two dwarves are drinking and talking in a corner, and get into a fight. Ganvel is quick to separate them, and calm things down.

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