Roskan Renhaver

Pitch goblin merchant from Dexorum, Laranthia.


Name: Roskan Renhaver
Race: Pitch goblin
Age: 32
Profession: Merchant
Home: Dexorum, Laranthia
Build: 2’ 11’’, 85 lbs. He looks fit and healthy, but not very strong.


Roskan is a quite skilled merchant, and is the primary economic drive behind the Renhaver family business, who deals in jewelry – crafting, selling, buying. He set out early spring, 33 FE, with his cousin and uncle, Boraios Renhaver and Saraios Renhaver, to travel to Palantir to see if they could turn a profit from their stash, and perhaps fetch a handful of special orders. On their way to North Izanaport, only 2 days away, they’re attacked by cannibalistic white humans. They are saved on 4th Sun by Altea, Michael, Ganvel and Thilianna.

The Renhaver family business is his life’s goal. He puts his heart and soul into every aspect of it. At an early age, he was sent to Laranthia City by his father to be apprenticed to one of the best jewelry merchants there, and when he returned home in 21 FE, he was ready to take on the responsibility of the family business. It was never really going bad, but it really flourished after he took over, earning the family some renown all over Laranthia and countries along The Cold Stream.

He had a girlfriend in Laranthia city, and he promised her to come and bring her Dexorum and marry her, once he’d gotten the business going. However, he got so caught up in the business that he forgot. He has never heard from her.

Roskan is an only child, but he’s very close with his cousins Boraios, Miraya, Sayaka, and Niokan.
His father, Derskan, died early Snow, 33 FE, aged 59, and his mother died years ago in an accident during a voyage across The Cold Stream. His father’s death is what triggered his urge to travel abroad with the business.

Roskan Renhaver

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